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Why? Why Another Fitness Site??


I do not workout

I totally hate the commercial fitness industry

Damn good Question, wish I had a sensible answer. The honest answer is Revenge

some very good workout planning information and tools can be found here.

No hype, nothing to sell, no cookies, no visitor tracking, just doing the right thing.

Do not read the following section, it is just my rant.

Background Rant

Last Warning, do not read the following section, it is just my rant and it's not very nice.

Back in 1992 World Champion weight lifter Steve Zeigman asked me to create some fitness software.

Basically his marketing skills were [are] atrocious.

In 1996 after he failed to sell even a single copy of the software, I suggested we create a Web App.

I created the site which he offered me another 10% of his Biofitness Systems, Inc. I am now a 20% owner of Biofitness Systems, Inc.

It took a few months to convert the DOS App to a Web App.

The site was charging $20 for a four week workout plan. Areobic and or Anaerobic.

In 1999 he said he did not wish to go forward and was throwing in the towel.

Out of the pure goodness of my heart I offered to create a Windows Strength Training App and split it with him 50-50.

After a couple more years of dealing with this guy, and him never paying me a dime, it was over between us.

The Windows software I created was very good. Phenomenal. The testimonials we received, stupendous.

It was never about the software's capabilities. The problems were Steve Zeigman . A very intelligent and talented guy, but in my opinion, a despicable human being.

In 2005 I was told by an attorney I had a good case against him but he had no assets.

I then created this site selling the same software Zeigman was selling for up to $700 and priced it at $29 which included the book Strength Training Anatomy.

Zeigman sold and disappeared for a while. But he's back. And STILL using my 1996 Web Pages and STILL bootlegging my software.

What's a guy to do? As much as I try to just let it go, when I see the Web Pages I created, the screen shots I created, the nav buttons I created, the software I created, very evil thoughts come to mind.

Bottom line, the technology is too good to waste. It's approaching 20 years and no one has come close to doing anything as effective.

Feel free to visit Zeigman's websites.

Keep in mind I created the pages on his site in 1996 when Netscape Naviagtor 1 was the only Browser.

Most of what he says is true, except when he says "I" in reference to creating the software.

If you are so inclined, do me a favor, visit Zeigman's Facebook page and ask him what he thinks about my rant.

If you have a webstite, please make a link to this site. I will provide the technology on this site for Free.

Zeigman's Facebook page:

Dr. Prof. A. N. Vorobyev former Soviet National Team Weightlifting Coach, Director of Sports Research, World and Olympic Gold Medalist, World Record Holder said:

"The most important factor in the increase of the growth of attainment is the correctly constructed and regularly adapted training plan."

"Correctly Constructed"

Elements of a Correctly Constructed Workout Plan.
  • Routine, The exercises performed during your workout.
  • Then Number of Sets
  • Then Number of Reps per Set
  • The Amount of Weight per Set
  • The Sequence of the Exercises in Your Routine

STS applies technology to proven research from accredited sources.

We do not create our own theories on strength and conditioning. We take the principles generally agreed upon from many sources of exercise and fitness research and apply technology to create workout plans with precision and amazing results.

"As a former USSR Olympic Athlete in Modern Pentathlon, I have extensive educational record and work experience in the field of athletics and rehabilitation, and can tell, that finally there is a system which will help to plan programs from fitness workout to athletic training as well as rehabilitation purposes. I personally recommend [STS]* to everyone who cares about the health and fitness of themselves or others."
ILMAR VAIKLA former U.S.S.R. National Pentathlon Champion

Can you answer these basic questions correctly?

  • How many days should you workout per week?
  • How many sets should you do for each exercise in your routine?
  • How many reps should you do per set?
  • How much time do you wait between sets?
  • How do you optimize your set/rep scheme for strength or increasing muscle mass?
  • How much weight do you lift each set?
  • What order do you do your sequence exercises in your routine?

    Simplified answers are near bottom of this page.

    The information and tools on this site will help you generate a correctly constructed workout plan whether you know the answers or not.

Free STS Weight Lifting Plan Routine Analyzer

An essential element of a weight lifting Plan is a physiologically correct weight lifting Plan routine.

The Plan Generator will take any routine and create correctly constructed set rep scheme with optimized progressive resistance. It can even assemble a routine based on your objectives.

You may prefer to create your own customized routine. That is why we provide this Free Routine Analyzer.

A routine that exercises the same muscle multiple times is the most common insanity in workout plans.

Insanity, because over-training takes more effort, more time, and achieves less results.

We offer a FREE software utility that can assist you in selecting the proper exercises for your weight lifting Plan routine. This Plan displays the muscles worked by each exercise. It can analyze your routine checking for muscles that are overworked. Over-training is due to multiple exercises that work the same muscles. Over-training a muscle is the most common workout routine mistake resulting in less than optimal performance.

You can also print (List) all the muscles in your routine categorized by exercise.

When an exercise is selected, a list of the muscles for that exercise is displayed in the lower right hand corner. A detailed picture, with the worked muscles highlighted in color, and a description of the proper technique is in the muscle reference book on the page indicated.

Extremely easy to use and very effective.

STS Weight Lifting Plan Generator Software A weight lifting Plan generator sophisticated enough for coaches and personal trainers yet simple enough for the general public. The weight lifting Plan software generates a scientifically calculated workout plan based on your current strength and how long you've been working out. The plan includes an optimized workout schedule with the number of workout days, number of sets, number of reps per set and the precise weight resistance per set. This Plan can generate Plans for an unlimited number of persons making it ideal for individuals, friends, couples, families, personal trainers, coaches, and gyms.

Personal Trainer Win-Win Opportunity With STS training and our Plan Generator you can easily generate workout plans for others. We guarantee anyone following and completing a workout plan made with this generator will make more progress than with any other method.

This is a Win-Win for both you and your clients.

  • Your clients will receive a superior workout plan.
  • Your clients will achieve noticeable and quantifiable results sooner.
  • You will retain clients longer. Results are a huge motivator to continue.
  • Highly satisfied clients will generate more referrals and testimonials.
  • You will be able to train more clients by reducing your planning time.
  • A full time Personal trainer can conservatively make $10,000 more per year.
Clients get better results and the Personal Trainer makes more income. This is a solid Win-Win situation!

"I felt compelled to say thank you for developing [The STS Plan Generator]*. It has made my job so much more effective."

Gym and Training Facility Win-Win Opportunity

  • The first 4 reason listed above for Personal Trainers
  • Train more Clients with less Staff
  • Consistent, Safe, Reliable Results for All Clients
The STS Plan Generator works best for Gyms that rely on results for customer retention.

For Gyms that rely on high pressure sales of long term contracts and client high client churn rates, the STS Plan Generator will lead to a lower churn rate.

"I looked at a lot of fitness software before deciding which was best. [The STS Plan Generator]* made my plan for me. I took it to the gym and used it. It was right on. You can quote me on that."

Weight Lifting Plan Essentials

A weight lifting Plan is essential for successful strength training results.

Weight Lifting Plan Essential Elements

  • Physiologically Correct Weight Lifting Routine
  • High-Quality Set/Rep Schedule
  • Precision Set Weight Selection
  • Adequate Rest Between Workouts
  • Appropriate Weight Lifting Equipment
  • Correct Sequence of Weight Lifting Exercises

Much scientifically correct strength training research has been done over the past years 50 years. In spite of this, more worthless ineffective theories have surfaced in the media over the past couple of decades. The biggest offenders have been the infomercials, nonetheless there have been too many scientifically flawed articles written in popular commercial fitness periodicals.

The information contained on this site is based on methodical proven scientific strength training and conditioning research sanctioned by the International Weightlifting Federation, National Strength and Conditioning Association, American College of Sports Medicine, American Council of Exercise, The Cooper Institute, International Fitness Professional Association, National Academy of Sports Medicine, National Federation of Professional Trainers, National Council on Strenth and Fitness, and the most cited research papers in the history of fitness research.

Weight Lifting Plan Training Errors include:

  • Multiple Exercises that Work the Same Muscle(s), over training
  • Inadequate Rest Between Workouts (e.g. beginners need 1 day between workouts)
  • Incorrect Number of Sets in an Exercise Routine
  • Incorrect Number of Reps in a Set
  • Incorrect Weight Selected for Set

Simplified Answers to Questions Near Top of this Page

NOTE: If you disagree with any of these answers and you are qualified through an accredited program, we would like to hear your opinion.

If you disagree and your fitness education comes from reading commercial fitness periodicals, and or listening to some idiot at the Gym, write you opinion on a piece of paper, put it in an envelope, and address it to someone else that might give a shit!

Q How many days should you workout per week?

A The number of Days per Week is based on the number of months you have been working out.

  • More than 18 months, 7 days
  • 13 - 18 months, 6 days
  • 7 - 12 months, 5 days
  • 3 -6 months, 4 days
  • Less than 3 months, 3 days
Q What order do you do your sequence exercises in your routine?

Exercises are sequenced from the largest muscles (legs) to the smallest (wrist). The larger muscles require the most energy. If you do the larger muscles last you may not have adequate energy left for them.

Then multi-muscle group (e.g. bench press, chest and arm) exercises before single muscle group e.g. curl, arm).

High intensity before low intensity. High intensity is heavier weight and less reps.

Q How many sets should you do for each exercise in your routine?

A The number Sets is based on the number of months you have been working out.

  • More than 5 months, 6 sets
  • 5 months, 5 sets
  • 4 months, 4 sets
  • 2-3 months 3 sets
  • Less than 2 months, 2 sets
Q How many reps should you do per set?

A The number of reps depends on whether you want to increase muscle strength or muscle mass.

Q How do you optimize your set/rep scheme for strength or increasing muscle mass?

For strength you lift more weight and do 1-3 reps per set. This will minimize muscle mass while maximizing strength.

For toning you want to maximize muscle mass. This is done by lowering the amount of weight you lift per set and increase the number of reps. The maximum safe number of reps per set is 16 - 18 reps. For toning the reps per set should vary from 9 to 16.

The number reps should vary from set to set. This makes a set/rep scheme. Your set/rep scheme should vary each day in your workout schedule. This variation is necessary so your muscles do not adapt to your set/rep scheme.

Q How much time do you wait between sets?

A 2-3 minutes for strength optimization and 1 minute or less for increasing muscle mass. Adenosine TriPhosphate (ATP), which is directly linked to training for strength, or, more specifically, to neural recovery (the main factor involved in increasing strength levels). Brief rest periods (30-60 seconds) are aerobic in nature, and antagonistic to strength development.

ATP transports chemical energy within cells for metabolism. It is produced as an energy source during cellular respiration and consumed by cellular processes including cell division.

Chart from an article written by Maki Riddington

General Guidelines
From an article written by Maki Riddington

Q How much weight do you lift each set?

A You end your set with the maximum you can lift that day. You increase your workload by 10% for each set from first to last.

The maximum for each day is calculated by projecting your total maximum gain for the number of weeks in your schedule (typically 4 weeks). You then divide the max gain by the number of days in the schedule. This gives you the gain per day. You then increase you current capacity by the daily gain for each workout day in your schedule.

Your current capacity is the maximum weight you can lift one time (one rep max). The International Weightlifting Federation research dating back to the 1970's came up with a chart for the number of reps you can lift a certain weight based on your current one rep max. This chart applies to all people regardless of age, sex, experience, etc. Roughly if you can lift a certain weight one rep then you can lift 5% less two reps. The amount of weight decreases about 5% for each rep increase up to 5 reps. For more than 5 reps the incremental decrease in weight per rep decreases to about 2.5%. Other studies conclude that the weight may decrease to 2.5% after as little as 2 or 3 reps.

Your maximum gain per plan period is determined by age and number of months you've been working out. Someone under 30 and just beginning to workout can expect an 8% gain with a 4-6 week workout schedule. For every year over 30 gain is decreased by 0.01% to 0.2% in the last 2 weeks of a 4 week plan depending on months of workout experience.

  Lots More... 

The rest of this Website was originally hosted on as the BioFitness Health Club which I created in 1996 for an additional 10% stake in Biofitness Systems, Inc.

This website was created in 1996 and designed for Netscape 1.0. I am currently working on bringing it in to the 21st Century.

*The quotations on this were for an earlier version of the STS Strength Planning Tools and Website promoted by the now defunct Biofitness Systems, Inc, as the Fitness Buddy and BioFitness Health Club. As the creator and sole owner of the Fitness Buddy for Windows and creator of the "BioFitness Health Club" I can assure you these quotes are indeed applicable to STS.